“Independence does not mean isolation”

 Wednesday 26 August 2015

Morning session

Moderator: Frank Hildrup, International Aviation Advisor, NTSB, USA



  1. Keynote Address 

Rémi Jouty, Director of the BEA, France


  1. Unstable approaches - a global problem 

David Ross, Senior Regional Operations Investigator, TSB, Canada.


  1. How to address the BIG THREE? 

Frederic Combes, Airbus France


10:45   Tea/Coffee break


  1. Investigating human factors - a tale of two accidents 

Katherine Wilson, NTSB, USA


  1. Fixing the holes: Infrastructure, Training, Oversight.  

Alain Agnesetti and Arnaud Desjardin, BEA, France


12:30   Lunch

Afternoon session

Moderator: Nuno Aghdassi, Head of Flight Safety, Netjets



  1. Can the investigation of civil air accidents be truly independent? 

Andrew Cox, Rolls-Royce, UK


  1. The threat to independence and impartiality when using manufacturer's resources and expertise

Bob Vickery, Senior Inspector, AAIB, UK


  1. Use of modern technologies and methodologies to improve helicopter accident investigation. 

Thomas Gogel, Seth Buttner, Airbus Helicopters and Marcus Bauer, Msimulation


  1. Independence of accident investigation authorites; a global perspective

Marcus Costa, ICAO


16:00 - 16:30

  1. ISASI Working group meetings. 

Cabin Safety


General Aviation

Military ASis