“Independence does not mean isolation”

 Tuesday 25 August 2015

Morning session

Moderator: Arnaud Desjardin, Deputy Manager of the BEA investigations department



  1. Seminar opening - Chairman: Keith Conradi, Chief Inspector UK AAIB and Vice-President of ENCASIA

ISASI President: Frank Del Gandio

Rudolph Kapustin Scholarship Recipients

Welcome address by Dr Kurt Gribl, Lord Mayor of Augsburg

  1. Keynote address - Ulf Kramer, Head of the BFU and President of ENCASIA
  1. A small accident but a very complex investigation

Leo P Murray, AAIU, Ireland


10:45   Tea/Coffee break


  1. Investigating the Voyager pitch down incident – a case study of civil / military co-operation

Colonel Crispin Orr, Head of the UK Military AAIB


  1. A new tool for analyzing the potential influence of vestibular illusions

Eric Groen,TNO; Lars Fucke, Boeing Research and Technology


12:30 Lunch

Afternoon session

Moderator: Jurgen Whyte, Chief Inspector of AAIU, Ireland



  1. Air Asia QZ8501: A family tragedy

Tony Fernandes, Group Chief Executive and founder, the AirAsia Group


  1. Challenges of sea search and recovery operations - Sharing of experience from a recent joint operation 

Tatang Kurniadi, Chairman, NTSC, Indonesia and Ng Junsheng, Accident Investigator, AAIB Singapore


  1. Independence does not mean isolation - A practical approach

Johann Reuss, BFU


  1. Feedback from the tutorial on social dimension of a safety investigation

Olivier Ferrante, European Commission


16:00 - 16:30

  1. National Society meetings

Asia Society

Canadian Society

European Society

International Society

Middle East Society

US Society


  1. Reception Lord Mayor of Augsburg.
  1. Informal dinner